Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Vehicle

Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular option to maximize fuel economy as gas prices continue to rise. More than 1.8 million electric vehicles were registered in 2020 in the U.S. alone, according to reports from the International Energy Agency. Follow these tips to get the most efficiency out of your hybrid. Contact Complete Automotive, in San Luis Obispo if you need routine maintenance or repairs for your hybrid vehicle. Having hybrid-specific training means our techs will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Economy Mode

Many modern vehicles have a button that will automatically switch to economy mode, which saves more fuel. When in eco mode, the engine and accelerator are less reactive, meaning the car will accelerate a little more slowly. Be a predictable driver by avoiding sudden braking and acceleration when you are driving and you will get the best results from eco mode.

Take a Break from Excessive Accessory Use

Accessories such as air conditioners and radios use lots of power that drain your car's fuel. By pressing the eco mode button, you can automatically adjust your accessory use and increase your fuel efficiency. When stuck in a traffic jam during a San Luis Obispo summer, it's unrealistic to shut off the AC, but lowering the settings can help.

Keep an Eye on Your Battery Charge

The consequences of letting your car's battery run low are almost as bad as overcharging it. Your battery will wear out faster if you charge it to its full capacity. Your battery should never drop below 20 percent. Stop charging it once it reaches 80 percent.

Hybrid Maintenance in San Luis Obispo

If your hybrid vehicle needs repairs or routine maintenance, contact Complete Automotive, in San Luis Obispo, CA. Give us a call at (805) 774-1029. We would be happy to schedule an appointment or give you an estimate for the cost of auto repair and maintenance in SLO or the surrounding towns.

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Posted: August 22, 2021

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